Africa Defined Research Project

The respect and pride I gained as a child about my race followed me through adulthood and led me to research my ancestral home – Africa.  Ironically, I never really thought about the fact that the African continent and the powerful stories the continent held had not been divulged in any school setting. I knew nothing of the continent and so I began reading about the country of Zimbabwe.

I was attracted to this country simply because global media began reporting about how then president, Robert Mugabe was taking land away from white Zimbabwean farmers and giving it to black Zimbabweans. The international community was furious and called President Mugabe out as a dictator. What I learned was that President Mugabe was entitled to do what he did – legally. And morally, what was right for his people? The very land he was taking away from white Zimbabweans was the very land that was taken from black Zimbabweans during and after colonialism.

After researching the history behind the Land Reformation Act of Zimbabwe it became clear that this story had to be told as well as the hundreds of others these now, 54 countries had to tell. The people that are part of these stories and the history of cultures needs to be collected and told in one place. Thus the Africa Defined Research Project was born. Over the past decade I have worked to research as many people, philosophies, countries, colonial and ancient histories as I possibly could. This is the beginning of my life’s work. In an effort to bring this information to any and everyone who wants to know – Africa Defined aims to provide it.


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